Ece Nada is an artist working on two interrelated subjects; nothingness (nada) and female sexuality. She gets inspiration from the notion of nothingness as an existential issue and the mind of an “insane” person, a disorderly individual. She interprets the mind as a machine that no longer works “properly”. Aiming to blend nothingness with female sexuality, she makes use of the fund of knowledge she gained during her bachelor education in English Literature. Embedded in her works are her semi-autobiographic narratives.


  • 2018, The Other Wall, pre- (previewarts) , İstanbul/ Turkey (solo exhibition)
  • 2018, Unearthly Blockade, Kare Art Gallery, İstanbul/ Turkey
  • 2018, Don’t Tell Me Stories, Bayan Yanı Gallery, İstanbul/Turkey
  • 2017, ::rise||dusk , Hush Gallery, Istanbul / Turkey
  • 2017, London Summer Intensive Artist Residency, Slade Research Centre Studios – University College London, London / UK
    • Showcase Exhibition, Camden Arts Centre, London / UK
    • Open-Studio Exhibition, Slade Research Centre, London / UK
  • 2016, “Painting in Contemporary Practice”, Slade School of Fine Art – University College London, London / UK
    • Open-Studio Exhibition, Slade School of Fine Art, London / UK

An interview with Ece Nada on her first solo show “The Other Wall” & her art practice